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    n t○he improvement of w■aste dispos○al and the enha■ncement of dredging ●the North ■Canal.From n◆ow on, the ●last Saturday of■ each month will b●e the city鈥檚 鈥渞en◆ewable resource◆s day.鈥?A list of〓 the 鈥渟alabl●e scraps鈥?will b〓e announced.● At th

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    at time, ●professional re●cycling team●s will enter com◆munities and collec〓t old papers 〓and plastic bo■ttles from resi◆dents鈥?homes●. This projec〓t is expec●ted to launch next m●onth.Residents c■an make appointment○s for recycl●ing onlineOn Jul〓y 25,


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Deputy Mayor○ Huang Weix●iang made a report○ to the 12t●h Session of the○ Standing Committe◆e of Beijing Peop○le's Congres〓s about the○ developme○nt of

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the proposal ◆for 鈥渕odernizing○ waste collection● and treatment ●in order to deve●lop an enviro◆nmentally-frie〓ndly city,鈥?as■ well as sit◆uations of

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strengthe◆ning waste treatmen○t.According to t●he report, Beijin〓g will form profe○ssional recyc○ling teams ●allowing only perso●nnel with relevan◆t qual

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